Mar 16, 2024

Merchant Agreement

By Mika Thai


1.1 甲方为乙方提供在其平台上销售商品的服务。

1.2 乙方同意在甲方平台上提供其所经营商品的相关信息,包括但不限于价格、菜单、促


1. Both parties agree:

1.1 Party A provides Party B with services for selling goods on its platform.

1.2 Party B agrees to provide relevant information on the products it operates on

Party A’s platform, including but not limited to prices, menus, promotions, etc.


2.1 乙方保证提供的商品信息真实、准确,如有变动,应及时通知甲方。

2.2 团购商品的价格由乙方自行设定,但应符合法律法规和甲方平台的定价政策,团购商

2. Product information and pricing:

2.1 Party B guarantees that the product information provided is true and accurate, and shall promptly notify Party A if there is any change.

2.2 The price of the group purchase products shall be set by Party B, but it shall comply with laws and regulations and the pricing policy of Party A’s platform,and the group purchase products can be negotiated by Party A and Party B to
put them on the shelves.


3.1 甲方将负责接收、处理和转发用户在其平台上的订单。

3.2 乙方同意在确认接收订单后尽快准备商品,并按照规定时间交由团购优惠到店客人,完成订单。

3. Order processing:

3.1 Party A will be responsible for receiving, processing and forwarding users’ orders on its platform.

3.2 Party B agrees to prepare the goods as soon as possible after confirming the receipt of the order, and hand them over to the customers who arrive at the group purchase discount to complete the order according to the specified time.


4.1 结算周期为次日,如遇周末、节假日等顺延,结算方式为[转账]。

4.2 结算金额将扣除甲方的服务费用,参考费率详见附件。

4. Settlement method:

4.1 The settlement cycle is the next day, and if it is postponed on weekends and holidays, the settlement method is [Transfer].

4.2 The settlement amount will be deducted from Party A’s service fees. Please see the attachment for reference rates .


5.1 乙方同意支付甲方一定比例的服务费用,甲方服务费用为已完成订单金额的 %。

5.2 服务费用将在每笔订单的结算中扣除。

5. Service fees:

5.1 Party B agrees to pay a certain proportion of Party A’s service fees. Party A’s service fees are the amount of the completed order. % .

5.2 The service fee will be deducted from the settlement of each order .


6.1 送货服务由甲方或甲方合作的第三方配送公司提供。

6.2 运送费用由用户支付,甲方将根据配送服务的费率结算给配送人员。

6. Delivery service:

6.1 The delivery service is provided by Party A or a third-party delivery company that Party A cooperates with.

6.2 The delivery fee is paid by the user, and Party A will settle the payment to the delivery personnel according to the rate of the delivery service .


7.1 乙方可以根据需要提供促销活动,但需提前通知甲方。

7.2 甲方有权利在其平台上对乙方产品进行促销和营销活动,以提高订单数量及到店率。

7. Promotion and Marketing:

7.1 Party B can provide promotional activities as needed, but Party A must be notified in advance.

7.2 Party A has the right to carry out promotion and marketing activities for Party B’s products on its platform to increase the order quantity and store arrivalrate .


8.1 双方同意在合作期间和合作结束后对彼此了解到的商业机密和信息保密。

8.2 未经对方书面同意,任何一方不得向第三方披露另一方的商业机密。

8. Confidentiality clause:

8.1 Both parties agree to keep confidential the business secrets and information learned from each other during and after the cooperation.

8.2 Neither party shall disclose the other party’s business secrets to third parties without the written consent of the other party .


9.1 如果一方违反协议的任何规定,应负相应的法律责任,并赔偿对方因此遭受的损失。

9. Liability for breach of contract:

9.1 If one party violates any provision of the agreement, it shall bear corresponding legal liability and compensate the other party for any losses  suffered thereby .


10.1 本协议的任何修改须经双方书面同意。

10.2 本协议有效期壹年,期满自动延续。

10.3 本协议经双方公司法人签字并盖章后生效。

10.4 双方可通过协商提前终止协议。

10.5 本协议未尽事宜,经双方协商达成一致意见,作为本协议的补充,与本协议具有同等法律效力。

10.6 本协议壹式贰份,双方各执壹份。

10. Agreement:

10.1 Any modification to this Agreement must be agreed in writing by both parties .

10.2 This agreement is valid for one year and will be automatically renewed upon expiration.

10.3 This agreement will come into effect after being signed and sealed by the legal persons of both parties.

10.4 Both parties may terminate the agreement early through negotiation.

10.5 Matters not covered in this agreement shall be agreed upon by both parties through negotiation and shall serve as a supplement to this agreement and shall have the same legal effect as this agreement.

10.6 This agreement is made in two copies , with each party holding one copy .


11.1 本协议的解释和执行均适用法律法规。

11.2 双方协商一致解决争议,协商不成的,提交有管辖权的法院解决。

11. Dispute Resolution:

11.1 The interpretation and execution of this agreement shall be governed by laws and regulations.

11.2 Both parties shall resolve the dispute through consensus. If negotiation fails, the dispute shall be submitted to a court with jurisdiction for resolution .


Attachment : “Service Fee Settlement Details ”


餐饮类普通商家:已完成订单金额的 15%;

餐饮类邀约商家:已完成订单金额的 10%;

预约上门服务类商家:已完成订单金额的 6%;

旅游产品服务类商家:已完成订单金额的 6%;

门店服务类商家:已完成订单金额的 6%;

本地便利店/超市:已完成订单金额的 6%;

生鲜市场类普通商家:已完成订单金额的 6%;

生鲜市场类邀约商家:已完成订单金额的 3%;

药品类普通商家:已完成订单金额的 6%;

药品类邀约商家:已完成订单金额的 3%;

出行服务类商家:已完成订单金额的 6%;


Attachment: “Service Fee Settlement Details ”

Ordinary catering merchants : 15 % of the completed order amount ;

Catering invitation merchants : 10 % of the completed order amount ;

For merchants making appointments for door-to-door services: 6% of the completed order amount;

Travel product and service merchants: 6% of the completed order amount;

Store service merchants: 6% of the completed order amount;

Local convenience stores/supermarkets: 6% of the completed order amount;

Ordinary merchants in the fresh food market category: 6 % of the completed order amount ;

Invited merchants in the fresh food market category: 3 % of the completed order amount ;

Ordinary pharmaceutical merchants: 6 % of the completed order amount ;

Drug invitation merchants: 3 % of the completed order amount ;

Travel service merchants : 6% of the completed order amount;

The content of the attachment is for reference only, and the specific amount is subject to the agreement.