PHP Senior Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the architecture design, module development, code refactoring, system optimization and bug fixing of the company’s food delivery platform (Mika) management system.
  2. Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of API interfaces to ensure high availability and low latency of interface services.
  3. Responsible for the design and development of core business modules such as orders, users, merchants, etc.
  4. Use technologies like high concurrency, caching, message queue to optimize system performance.
  5. Participate in system disaster recovery, troubleshooting and optimization to improve system stability.

Job Requirements:

  1. At least 5 years of PHP development experience, with experience as a technical backbone or Team Leader in large projects preferred.
  2. Proficient in PHP fundamentals, fluent in frameworks like Thinkphp, Laravel, etc.
  3. Familiar with MySQL database, able to optimize SQL and analyze indexes.
  4. Knowledge of NoSQL, Redis, etc. is a plus.
  5. Familiar with optimization and configuration of web servers (Nginx, Apache).
  6. Good communication, learning skills and team spirit.
  7. Experience in high concurrency, high availability and high performance systems preferred.
  8. Knowledge of native Android/iOS development a plus.

Please send your resume to the email below

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